Invest with experts and watch your wealth grow

With no time to be an expert or learn about investments, hiring an advisor might be a necessity. Studies confirm having an advisor gives you a less stressful life and better earnings than investing alone.

Personalized Advice

Folionet Private Wealth has licensed experts at your disposal. Not only will they guide you on how to navigate the market, they will also advise you on any investment decision you would make.

Choose one or combined personalized portfolios, we will handle the rest.

Government Bonds
Corporate Bonds
Pref. Stocks & Mortgages
Mixed Sectors
Cons. Staples
Mixed Sectors
Cons. Discretionary
Mixed Sectors
Cons. Discretionary
Cons. Discretionary
Mixed Sectors

Illustrative examples of personalized portfolios. This is not an investment recommendation.

Invest at your own pace

By investing $5,000, you get access to the portfolios analyzed and studied by our experts: whether you want your wealth protected, to grow, to generate cash flow, or a combination of them.

Liquidity always available

We all have unforeseen events, and it’s normal for your wealth to fluctuate. What’s important for you to know is that you will always have access to your money.

A human advisor to help you invest in 3 steps

Folionet Private Wealth is consisted of humans dedicated to guide you on your investment journey.

Talk to your assigned advisor

Getting to know you is the first step. We will explain the basics, answer your questions, and clarify any investment doubts.

Select your portfolio

We define your investment profile based on our conversation, and select a portfolio adapted to your needs.

We track your investments

Like an autopilot, our experts are always assessing the best investment opportunities to adjust your portfolio accordingly.

Grow your wealth with Folionet

Start your investment journey

Frequent Questions

To open a Folionet Private Wealth Account, you need:

  • A US bank account or an international bank account that allows you to send and receive USD.
  • A minimum initial deposit of $5,000 or more.

There’s only an annual fee for using Folionet Private Wealth.

  • The fee is 1% for AUM and it decreases to 0.65% as the account balance increases.
  • The fee is charged quaterly.

: if your account balance is $5,000, the annual fee will be $50 (1%), which means there will be a quaterly charge of $12.50.

Yes, our portfolios can be adapted to your investment goals. You may need just one portfolio, or a combination of them.

We have 5 built portfolios:

  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Income
  • Balance-growth
  • Aggressive

No, if you use a US bank account, all deposits and withdrawals are commission-free.

If you use an International Bank Account, Folionet does not charge any fees, but your bank may do so, please verify beforehand.

It would be sad to see you go, but you can close your account.

  • Your positions will be sold, and the funds withdrawn to your bank account.
  • A fee will be charged for the days passed since the last quarterly fee.
  • Remember that Folionet is always happy to guide you if you want to return.